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Understanding SAP Modules for ABAPers


Hi Guys,

I want to understand SAP Modules like SAP SD , FI , MM , PP in the ABAPer Point of View.

Is there any books , videos or any other materials i can learn that ? Suggestions??


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If you currently working as a ABAPer, my suggestion would be to discuss the requirements provided to your by Functional colleagues.

Try to understand the Business process behind each requirement and also have a look at the relevant Transactions. Discuss with Functional colleagues on what happens before and after the Development you are performing.


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When you say, you want to go through some books or videos to understand the concept of Sales, Purchase, Production etc., I presume, you are interested to explore the related functionalities. I doubt how far, you will be able to succeed in this by going through the documentation or videos.

Let me explain in a nutshell

Sales can be made from

  • a manufacturing industry
  • a Construction industry
  • a Service industry

and the process be it a sales or purchase, would be different.

For example, sales happening from a manufacturing industry would be different from other industries. So as already suggested, get involved more with functional team, raise as much queries as you can and get clarified. Over a period of time, by experience, you can learn the basic concepts of all the process if not master in it

If you want a detailed explanation, may be you can specify any particular query where you wanted to know and add a right tag to your discussion, so that the community members would be happy to assist you

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Product and Topic Expert
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The best would be to look at the process behind the developments that you do. Work with your colleagues on the functional side on why a particular development is being done, check if there are standard alternatives and why they cannot be used. Additionally be involved in the testing so that you understand the process flow.

Another good way would be increase contributions on SAP Community. Check for questions being posted and what could be the answer.

Thanks & regards

Sanil Bhandari

Sanil Bhandari