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Transitioning from Software Engineering to SAP Consulting


I'm a software engineer with 5 years' experience. I've decided to change careers and become an SAP consultant. So I need the roadmaps to achieve this goal.


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Community Advocate
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Hi @MalekWahmi - I would recommend that you join the Beginner Corner and the SAP Learning Group - you will get plenty of advice there, including the blog post from @David_ChavianoHow and where do you start a consulting career in SAP?
There are various Learning Journeys and SAP Certifications available.
Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Thank you @KatherineW 

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Certainly! Pursuing a Bachelor's in Software Engineering can be a solid choice for your career, especially considering your background in computer science.


Gain a solid understanding of SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) and its various modules. SAP is a complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite used by organizations worldwide for managing business operations and customer relations. Familiarize yourself with SAP's architecture, modules (such as SAP FI, SAP MM, SAP SD, etc.), and business processes.


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Thank you