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Suggetions for career in SAP BI or MM

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Hi All

I am at cross-roads of my career ,so I thought of taking help from wide spread SAP community, my career profile is as below

1.I have been working on SAP Security for 2 1/2 years.

2.Completed certifcation in SAP BI 7.0

I have equal interest and fascination towards both BI and MM. Now I have to take decision whether to go for BI or MM as there is opporutnity in my organization.As I am interested in both modules I could not weigh upon each .Please share your thoughts from long term perspective with rational.

Thanks & Regards

Santosh Varada


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You mentioned two options. BI and MM. That means that security "career" is out of the question? Why so? These jobs are demanded more and more and are not badly paid.

Security career/ experience is not very relevant to BI or MM by the way.

Which of those two you have feelings for? In which of the teams you have friends? Which team has "better" customers? Trying to decide to pursue the career which is better paid is not in my opinion a way how to think about a career. You cannot do this kind of job for money only.

If you`re not happy, they you will never add something extra, become one of the best etc.

My suggestion is not what to choose. It is how to choose. Follow your hearth. I don`t believe there would be a big difference in salary or opportunities if you`re on the same level in any of those two or three fields.


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Hi Otto

Thanks for Insights , I agree with you one should not be behind the monetary benefits only .But at the same time if you want to be an SAP consultant which is my long term goal , one should have wide knowledge in different areas and I am more interested in two modules BI and MM.

If it is only for monetary I would have opted for FI/CO modules .No doubt while working in security I can get good money but I don't feel that my skills are being utilized to the fullest .Thus I chose to acquire knowledge in BI as this one is related to my passionate area of database skills and completed BI certification, later I fell in love with business whcih drew my attention towards MM and upcoming AI [Auto ID infrastrucutre] which is related to RFID domain .After much awaitng got opportunity to decide between BI or MM.Got confused as I am intrseted in both and seeking help

Thanks Once again