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Starting to learn SAP ABAP for a Functional Consultant

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How to start learning SAP ABAP language from scratch for a functional consultant?

Any books or site which helpful for beginners ?

Any good institution on SAP ABAP in Mumbai ?

I know this topic may have been addressed before but still your reply could be helpful to me.




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Hello, try:

By the way yes, it has been addressed before. After a while of searching you'd find tons of information to ABAP programming. Give it a try and good luck.

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Hi Saurabh,

If you want to read a text book, i would like to recommend this book

Getting Started with ABAP - Beginner's Guide to SAP ABAP - by SAP PRESS


You can contact your SAP Education partner to find available training/courses for ABAP.

the training based on TAW10 & TAW12. Visit below link for detail.

Good luck..

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Goto   best site for beginner.

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Hi Bikas

What is *************** ?

Can you ping that site

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Depends, have you done any programming before?

If so, then your main focus should be on syntax, and understanding what makes abap different than other languages.

If not, then I suggest learning another language first.  Learn some java, java tutorials are everywhere (Google), and every question you may have has already been asked and answered online.

After you have a firm grasp in java on primitive/non primitive types, arrays, and object oriented programming, then I would start learning abap's syntax.

understanding object oriented programming is vital before learning abap.

There is actually some java in sap, so it will not be a waste of time.  Also there are a lot of similar elements between the two languages such as garbage collection.

- Jacob