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Starting SAP Career in Toronto

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Dear All

I need your advice here. I am 22 years old, have no IT

Currently work in a travel/tourism field as a sales/marketing consultant.
Also have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering but have never worked
in the field.

I am interested in MM module. Also i am taking some Supply Chain
Management courses to better understand the field.

But It is impossible to find any volunteer SAP job here in
Toronto without some experience.

How can "enter" SAP field..? Do I need to get a
Computer Science, IT degree for that?

Here are some training courses in Toronto, does it make sense?

How difficult is SAP for people with no IT experience..?

Any inputs will be appreciated!



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to be honest if you really want to dive into sap , you need to do a very long way


to work hard


to be a super patient...

if i were you, i would try to get a postion in company which uses SAP and has a position in Sales or Marketing departments (as sales or marketing specialist).

first, you need to meet sap as sap user (even if sd - user);

second, having some years on such "not mm" position you would take relevant SAP courses/training yourself (get money for that) and change your target form sap sales to sap mm field - this should be the most trickest step;

third, getting  sap mm experience as mm-user you would start to think about the independance or consultancy...look after relevant positions!

do not expect all these "magic" things happening in Toronto - be ready to relocate and spend some time away from home

everything is possible ! just believe in yourself

good luck

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Dear Frank,

   If you have the will and determination you can enter into any field, nothing is going to stop you. Now coming to your question, from my experience I am not sure on why we need to relate IT with SAP (of course to certain extent we need). SAP is the integration of the best business practice and process in each industry.

First you have to be familiarised with the normal business process, be an expert in each area of your business. After that go for SAP area where you have business expertise on, sure you will see the result. SAP is a vast ocean and jumping directly into all at once will only help you to lose focus and get frustrated.

I would like to divide the fields into two areas, 1) Business Process 2) The Technical. So based on your interest you have to decide on where you want to concentrate and then start accordingly.

Fix the target and keep rolling you will reach there. All the best.


Ranjit Simon John