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Seeking Advice: Bridging Experience Gap for Role as a SAP CPI Consultant

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I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek advice and guidance on how to bridge an experience gap in my profile for a potential SAP CPI consultant role.

I recently expressed interest in a SAP CPI consultant position with a prospective employer, but upon inquiry, they mentioned a requirement for hands-on experience with SAP CPI. Unfortunately, my experience thus far has been primarily with SAP PI/PO over the past two years,(I have graduated in 2021).

Learning through SAP Learning journeys and OPEN SAP courses have been very helpful, along with few courses from UDEMY. 

In response to their feedback, I am eager to undertake any necessary training or certification programs, as well as shadow experienced SAP CPI consultants or participate in hands-on projects. However, I'm uncertain about the best approach to effectively bridge this experience gap and position myself as a strong candidate for the role.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any insights, recommendations, or advice from the community on how I can specifically address this gap and enhance my qualifications for a SAP CPI consultant position.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.



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Hi Kanikshka,

You can use SAP CPI Trial tenant to get good hand on experience on SAP CPI.

You can develop scenarios learnt from Udemy or OpenSAP. 



Nageshwar Nath 

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Hi Nageshwar,

Thank you for replying.

Can the self-learning and practice on the trial tenant be considered as hands on? 

Thanks in advance,



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Please check the Tutorials ("Missions") on the SAP Learning Tutorial Navigator.
The following queries could help you :

Your background in PI/PO could prove to be a good starting point to progress to the new SAP Integration layer ...
I don't think that going through these resources is the same as having 'hands-on experience', as real-life enterprise requirements can exceed the tutorials.

But in any case, showing that you have completed some of these Missions will prove determination, grasping the basics and a willingness to progress to this new technology-stack ...

PS : OpenSAP was mentioned as a learning resource. Yet, this resource will become redundant in upcoming months. I would revert to SAP Learning instead ...

Hope this helps

Nic T.

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Hi Nic,

Thank you for your inputs and the links.

this will surely help.




Hi KanishkaDeshak ,

Here are some SAP document sites or LinkedIn links for learning about BTP Integration Suite:

SAP Knowledge Hub:
SAP Help Portal:
SAP Community:
SAP Learning Hub:
SAP Developer Network:
SAP Blogs:
SAP Official Documentation:
SAP Support Portal:
SAP Training and Certification Shop:

1. Open sap 2. Learning Hub.