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my name is raj, and i had completed the sales and distribution module in SAP, and now i am looking to attend the interview, but i needs some tips like what kind of questions will be asked in the interview. and more over i am applying as a 2 years experience candidate. so i need some help regarding this, i would really appreciate if anyone helps me in this regards


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Hi Raj,

Welcome to SDN.

Please chcek this links for most common SAP-SD Module Important Interview Questions.

Hope this will help and good luck on your interview.


Ferry Lianto

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Welcome to SDN

Check this link if you already not seen

Hope this helps



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well, always remember that the Pricing is a core & complicated topic in SD.

regarding interview questions make sure you are understood well with the sales area, pricing techniques, conditions, access sequences and if you are applying for techno-functional roles better get equipped with info on LSMW, SDLC, CATT etc..

Best of luck.

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hi Raj,

please refer to these sites also

Hope this is helpful to you.



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G. Lakshmipathi

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Let me make sure I am understanding you correctly. Your post appears to be saying that you have no experience in SAP SD other than taking the training class. You have completed the class (but not certification?) and are now applying for your first job as an SAP consultant (or perhaps you are applying for a job as SAP SD Support directly at a customer).

You are nervous about the interview and not sure what to expect. To make matters worse you've put fake experience on your resume (two years), which is making you even more nervous. Is this correct?

Please clarify as we need correct information in order to advise you. If you have been working at a customer in SAP support for two years but only took the class recently, that's a totally different situation. Also, please clarify if you have or have not passed certification.

Best regards,