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SAP remote access for training purposes

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Good morning SAP community:

I have 4 year's experience in SAP Sales and Distribution module but after a break of 2 years not using SAP at all, I would like to update my SAP power user skills and be certified. I found the certification exam that suits me: SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution ERP 6.0 EhP6.

Currently I don't work with SAP so I would like to purchase an online access to practice for the exam. I have found different alternatives:

1. SAP live access from SAP website

2. SAP remote access or IDES delivered by private providers and buying a private training course

The pricing for the alternative 2 is quite affordable but I am not sure about the reliability of the connection and the suppliers. On the other hand, purchasing online access from SAP website seems quite expensive (as all its certification training courses).

I would like the community to provide me some guidance about this topic. I really would appreciate your feedback




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Hi Samy,

Not sure on connectivity part but there will be many vendors in market and you can probably ask for a free access for couple of days before making payment.

It could also be a good idea if you can see any online tutor with access might alos help to refresh your knowledge.


Deepanshu Sharma

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Thanks Deepanshu for your answer.

Do you know who in the market are the most popular SAP IDES providers? I don't think many professionals around the world can afford around $10,000 in the SAP e-academy for training, so I think there must be some reliable provider out there. Maybe you know about a forum discussion about IDES in the market that I could review.

Thanks again for your help


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Hi Samy,

'Application Associate' Certification is purely theoretical based on my experience. You don't need access to a SAP system to be able to pass this exam. There are a lot of resources in the internet to get the information needed to pass this exam.

Unlike 'Application Professional' which asks you how to configure this or that or what table to use etc. The Associate certification is does not have as high level question as the Professional certification.

I'm not sure in your country, but in mine there's very little premium placed in Associate certifications. A student fresh out of training without having seen a single SAP GUI screen can pass this exam with ease.

I only took my associate certification because my company paid for it.



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Hi Stephen,

You are right. I am new on SAP certifications and I thought after being inactive for two years, the associate certification could help me to re-apply for SAP jobs. I live in Australia and as you said this kind of certifications are more for end-users. My ideal job would be as a SAP implementer/configuration consultant as I have a PMP (Project Management Professional) and many years in the supply chain/logistics field using SAP as a power user.

I just found the SAP Certified Application Professional - Order Fulfilment with SAP ERP 6.0 Eh P5 which looks more suitable for my SD experience. In that case, having access to SAP through IDES would be very beneficial for myself. Any suggestion on where could find SD training and IDES outside SAP website.

Thanks again for your helpful feedback!


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Hi Samy

Fellow Australian here - hiring market in Australia (and client requests) is not massive on certifications - unless you want to work for SAP.

I would recommend trying to get back into a site that uses SAP and work your way up as a Power User and then into Support/Projects. On the side, you could be studying the systems.

I personally value certification for assessing my own skill levels and forcing myself to study. Not too many recruiters ask for it. They more want practical experience which is hard to get unless you enter as a graduate in a consultancy and work your way up or are an employee at a workplace that uses SAP and you get a chance to be part of an upgrade or project.

The second option is what I'm suggested - you get pulled into a project as you have the business knowledge and end user experience to work with the consultants (in some cases do the user acceptance testing). From there is becomes a progression into support that might involve configuration. You then work and learn from peers and consultants (whilst at the same time obtaining access to company's non-production systems).

You can still look at training to prepare you (and keep pursuing job opportunities). Have a look at the main job sits for the types of skills they look for.

Classroom training for SAP is expensive but you could look at SAP Learning Hub Subscription to get access to configuration guides, etc. The discovery edition is free and gives you some content as a starting point. You can then use SAP Learn Now to rent system access (looking for IDES somewhere might be cheaper).



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Thanks Colleen!

Your advice is really useful.