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SAP Module Selection

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I work with Google on their online advertising platform 'AdWords'. I need help in selecting the appropriate SAP module to enhance my career. Here is additional information


Graduation: B.Sc.

Post Graduation: MBA (Marketing)


Years: 7

Company: Google

Funtion: Google AdWords

Profile: I'm a digital marketing/online advertising professional managing online advertising campaigns for US based retailers. It involves creating AdWords campaigns, day-to-day management and reporting. I also have to manage web analytics for some of them. Can you suggest an appropriate SAP module that would help enhance my career in digital media & web marketing?




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you can chose any,,,,,but why it too bad work in Google?

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I think a career switch needs more dedication and introspection from your end. You need to understand what SAP is about and what are the areas in which you would prefer working.

If you ask the community to pick a module for you then 10 members will give you 10 different options to choose from. In such a case how will you decide what to jump into? And even if you decide to pick some random module suggested by any member here, what if you end-up unsatisfied when you start working?

Career progress is largely one's own decision. You need to take a decision based on your interests and your background. If you have specific questions on the module(s) you plan to undertake, then you are free to post here. Until then, this exercise is futile.