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SAP Junior

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First of all I am not certain this is the right place to make my post however;

I am a fresh graduate majoring information system and I am looking forward to start a career through SAP

I understand there is a functional and technical side into it however I am not fully aware of the insight differences.

I've studied commerce as well and Business Administration so I believe that can be an asset to the SAP Career furthermore.

to cut it short, I want to study SAP but I am unaware from where to start to later on engage into a project as a junior.


(1) is there any official study material for SAP?

(2) I am starting from scratch, what do I need to do exactly.

(3) What do I need to do to apply for certification?

(4) The Average time I need to study before Certification

(5) There are quite various fields as I noticed into SAP, which would be most appropriate to my field of study and also which is required by the IT market right now.

I appreciate your time in advance and sorry If I made my post in a wrong category.

Best Regards,

M Joseph


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Dear Joseph,

I would encourage you to check out the resources available under the University Alliance tab. Also, there are some interesting career related blogs that will give you more insights on SAP related career parths. Just go to the blogs tab and select the "Careers" category. Good luck!


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Hey Claudine

Maybe you can help me here. I am a senior enterprise architect on the microsoft platform with some duet projects (mostly as a scenario architect) and a simplified view of SAP R/3. I do have over 10 years in BI and wanted to shift my career from MS BI to SAP BI. Now I am a PhD already and have been there in terms of functional analysis in different environments, and have been struggling with the possible migration, ever so much as to think about getting BI certified without ever touching the Bex professionally.

I really need to get in touch with someone that could enlighten me in terms of career shifts and the likes, especially since this is a move I have though of for the last 2 years.

Do you know anyone that can be of assistance?

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Andre, your qualification is just great,

what exactly do you need (to know)? What to do (what job)? Or where to start? Start with reading or some "development"/ hands-on experience? Ask your questions because based on your "short CV" I can call "wow" but cannot answer any questions:))

Regards, Otto