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SAP FICO placements

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Dear all,

I want to do a SAP FICO certification course.

I went thru a lot of articles in this talk forum, which has been very informative.

I have a few questions/ doubts. Can somebody answer and help?

1. Is it first of all necessary to do a Certification course itself? I enquired around and many people

suggested Siemens, but 3.5 lakhs is very expensive. My doubt is, I have an ICWA qualification and am

currently working as part of the Statutory Audit team for an Automotive company, which uses SAP.

We have only 'view' access, but I can reasonably navigate thru the various modules.

So, is it necessary to get a Certificate at all. Is it not possible to get a SAP FICO consultant job with

one's knowledge of SAP screens and domain? Can somebody help me in answering this query?

2. Assuming a Certificate IS necessary and would be definitely VALUABLE in landing a good job,

is there any other way to sit for this exam other than thru Siemens/ other institutes? If a Certificate

is all that matters, surely there MUST be SOME way to get oneself certified, without having to spend

3 lakhs. Please advise

3. I went across to Siemens, Bangalore about joining their program. They seemed confident (a bit TOO confident)

that they'd be able to place me in a month or two. Iam trying to get in touch with somebody who has gone thru

this course with Siemens. Does anyone know whether they have actually placed people/ help in placements,

as they claim? Or is it all just an eyewash? If there is someone, pls give me an email/ mobile no.

4. Also, can you please clarify what EXACTLY does a SAP FICO consultant DO in an organisation?

What is their role or job responsibilities?

5. Can anyone suggest a few companies which hire SAP FICO freshers? I have gone thru quite a few

job sites and EVERYONE asks for atleast 2 implementations. I mean, only if one GETS IN, can we talk about

completing an implementation. It looks like GETTING IN itself is a big problem

Is it WISE to invest so much money?

I'd not mind if it were to give good returns

Kindly reply to my LONG mail.

I'd feel most grateful




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If you ask certification is necessary - I can say Better and Suggestible.

I will give many people an example - Like a Driving Licence. There are many peoples can drive from one country to another country without any accident. But dont have Valid licence. Similar Certification. Similar there are licenced drivers who make accident on first day. Similar into industry, Certication add value to what you can do and recognize WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

Second, if you got well trained and if you are able to get a job with a company who is licenced SAP ERP user, you can appear for certification exam by paying simply on Certification fees. But you have to be an employee of a client who is licensed SAP client.

Is it not possible to get a SAP FICO consultant job with one's knowledge of SAP screens and domain? - NO. Consultant is one who provide solutions to the clients problems, mor concern areas, easy process for typical areas of interest. In simple a solution provider for busines process, who use mind, analytical skills. Simply navigating and domain knowledge is not enough.

Secondly, Siemens placement - First of has to know how much they feed and how much you able to get. It depends on both. I am not saying onesided. Even in some cases, Siemens trained candidates get failed in hired by clients. Reason the candidate not able to get the subject in mind and not able to understand what goes during the course time. At the same time the instructor also has to be full capable and experienced with good subject stuff what he is teaching. I think Siemens will take care about it.

Secondly, Regarding the FICO consultant duties and responsibilities and Fresher job providers, you can find easily by a simple net search.

Think and decide, if you have doubt about subject, join any normal training institutes which teaching by a nominal fees and just experience the ERP. It interests you more and you are confident that can handle FICO, then go for other good Institute or SIEMENTS.

Wishing you good luck and Regards,

Syed Hussain.

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