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Hi Team,

I was cleared my SAP FI certification from ATOS Bangalore in Dec 2015. Still searching for jobs, but till now I didn't calls and from ATOS side I am not getting proper response from them.

I am having 2.5 years of experience in Finance and Accounts and 2 years as an end user in SAP FI. I have taken 2 Lakhs loan for certification and put down my paper once I cleared my SAP FI certification as per the instruction from my placement officer in ATOS. He clearly told me 60 days notice period will not accept in any company, because your a fresher in SAP. Now I am not getting proper response from him. What I have to do in this situation?

Could you please tell me any guidance how can I search for Jobs.


Khadar Basha


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Hello Khadar,

Sorry to say but looks like the ATC has misguided you. 60 days of notice is usually the norm in IT Companies in India. In fact, if Im not wrong, it is 3 months for most IT Consulting companies in India. So quitting your job solely on the testimony of your ATC placement officer was probably a bad decision. But the past is past and you cannot change them. So look to the future.

All you can do it keep looking. I assume you already put your resume in all the job portals. Keep updating your resume to make your resume stay current. Give lot of thought to what you have put in your resume. An impressive (yet true to facts) resume can always interest a prospective employer. Don't forget to check the newspaper ads in the Careers section for walk-ins. Check with all your friends, ex-colleagues and relatives about prospective positions.

If I were you, I would go back to an Accounting role in a company, preferably one where I would get a SAP end-user experience and slowly try to convince my employer to consider me as FI Functional Consultant showing my skills and expertise in the area, at the same time keep looking for SAP Consultant position elsewhere. Good luck with your search.


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Thanx Kishan