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SAP Basis as a career is saturated??

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I hold about 4 years of experience as IT Service Desk engineer + ITIL Process Manager (current role) and am planning to move to SAP Basis. I have been preparing on own for last few months but noticing that my pace of learning is not up to the mark through Self Study mode contacted a Leading US based SAP consultant/training Insitute (at their branch in New Delhi, India). To my awe I was told that SAP basis as a career is now saturated and any scope of having a good career will faade soon.

I was not at all ready for this kind of advice after hearing/reading from everyon that SAP Basis is indeed one of the best and highest paid IT job.

By getting such an answer from an Insititute that is an SAP Industry topshot has put me in a sudden doubt.

Any advise on this matter would be more than welcome.


Deepak Purohit


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Hi Deepak,

                I would only advise you to hear your own heart. Different people say different things. Dont get confused. Just collect all their free advises and do little bit research by yourself. Analyse all the data you collect from different sources and come to a conclusion whether to go for a career in SAP Basis or not. As per my knowledge, Basis person is needed in every SAP implementation project. But keep this in mind, when you enter any platform, you need to keep yourself updated with the technological advancements that take place in your area. Otherwise, you will be called outdated consultant. In present market, to my knowledge, Basis with Security is having more demand.

Hope this answer helps.



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Hi Uday,

I am working in SAP BASIS from last 3 years and recently got certfied on SAP NETWEAVER 7.02 and i my 3 years of experience i have handled 1 full implementation project and 2 support projects . Can you let me know which technical area do i need to concentarte for better progression of my career. And as you said SAP Security with BASIS is having more demand can you please elaborate on this so that i can look ahead on how to get into SAP consulting and some useful resources for the same.

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SAP Basis with GRC is good in demand. But at the same time you need to know basic concepts of Security such as creation of Authorization objects, PFCG roles and assigning rights to the user groups etc.

Refer :



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