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Hello evey one...

Well am having a lot of confusion in my carrier.

Right now am working as SAP ABAP JUNIOR CONSULTANT

Its around 9 months I have been working in a company(its just a start up company)

I have finished my engineering in electronics and communication,

I have a great passion towards SAP,and I love programming in ABAP.

But I have not been specialised in any modules like HR,MM,SD.

But I have gained some knowledge about programming.

I have done three projects.

The problem is many of my brothers and friends recommend me to be specialised in any of the SAP Modules or else

There will be no chance for me to get a good job in SAP ABAP.

Please tell me what I should do?

In my company we do SAP Projects like document management system,help desk and all.

I even don't know the standard table used for PURCHASE INVOICE OR SOME OTHER RELATED TO THAT.

Since i dont know about any other process of the bussiness,i dont know where to start.

Please guide or give me a solution.


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I'm not a specialist and have a fine career in ABAP. The trick is to understand how SAP works. If you can program in MM, you can program in SD, and most of FI. HR and COPA are a bit different. The tables may differ but the approach is the same. I did a project a few years back in QM. I had to do a bit of research, but I was able to figure it out.

Of course, the environment you're in can make all the difference. I talked to the functional guys on the project and the other developers when I got a bit stuck, and we resolved it together. My excellent development and problem solving skills covered the knowledge gaps. And this is the point - anyone can have the knowledge required to program, but skilled developers are rare and valuable.

Now, as an exercise, log on to ECC and find the tables involved for purchase invoice. Don't google, don't ask anyone, just start digging. If you work it out, then you're well on the way to being a cut above 90% of your colleagues. If you can't... well, maybe you need to follow your brother's advice.


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Thanks for your reply Matthew..
Really i got inspired when i read your messages,thanks a lot.
I will Start digging..
Could you please tell me where to start?



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You start with the transaction that all you to see the tables in data dictionary. That's the only clue I'll give you.