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Hi all,

I have worked in Warehouse Logistics at Ecommerce and EMS Industry for the past 5 years. I have worked in multiple ERP's like Baan , Flo, Citrix Erp as a end user. During my last company i started working in SAP WM as end user. From that i got exposure in SAP.

Now in my current company i am working as a SAP end user in SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP WM .Major activities like Purchase order creation, Sales order, Invoice, Proforma, DC,MIGO. Sales Quotations, Production Order Creation.. Now i am planning to upgrade my career to SAP consultant. I want to Know which modules are currently in demand based on future perspective. 

i have researched on few modules related to my work like SAP MM-WM , SAP MM-EWM , SAP SD-LE,SAPMM-SD  ..Can you tell me which modules has the best job opportunities based on future perspective or else if there some module to learn other than

Based on your suggestions, I am planning to do SAP courses on particular modules suggested

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Hi @Karthik_Durai it’s an amazing of what you achieved and the motivation you have for the future.Everything sounds great but once you complete the course,get certified and start looking for jobs there is where you’ll meet the reality.The job carrier’s requirements starting with minimum 3 years of experience few modules and additional language.For all the hardworking students achieving certification after really hard working there’s just no chance.Some people will say that are jobs for entry level but please try to find entry level jobs and come back with comments to the community.

I wishing you good luck and keep going you are on the right path.