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Hi All,

New to forum and looking forward to your advice and interactions.

What a best way to gain practice on server- like can I get any scenarios to practice-I intend to work in SD module



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Practicing in IDES is a necessity! Good that you have setup a test system!

How are you practicing? What do you feel important and to be practiced?

I will be sharing my views about this topic.


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Hi TW,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes using atest server,I want to practice real job like scenarios- well I know it cant be a 100% job but something closer to whats going to happen when one lands a job.

For practice if there is a collection of "scenarios" where by one can practice that is also greatly going to help I feel.

Thanks for your answer.

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I have compiled issues related to Returns process. Analyze each scenario in depth, it will help immensely!

While practicing, always understand each functionality (field etc.) from business point of view. How will this be used by a company / business? In each field, F1 help gives good information. Combine practicing with reading the theory TSCM60 and 62.

Everyday, go through the master data (cmr, mmr), each Tab, each field.