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Practice and know SAP

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Hi everyone,

I would like to get to know sap. As it is a paid software, I wanted to know if there is a trial version I can use to practice. Specifically, I would be interested in the utilities module (IS-U). How can I do ? thanks a lot


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Community Manager
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Hi Teresa - if you want to practice on an SAP system in the cloud I recommend the SAP Cloud Appliance Library at - I don't readily see an ISU system there, but I recommend learning the basics of S/4HANA first and then learning ISU

The SAP Cloud Appliance Library is free, you just pay provider fees - e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP and that is based on usage.

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Recently I am getting to know SAP.
Since it is a complex product, I wanted to understand better about the modules. I have read the evolution of SAP from R/1 to S/4 (HANA).
So for example to use a module eg: IS-U, do you have to install the S/4 HANA base first and then install the IS-U module ?

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Well right now it is all installed together; ISU is part of S/4HANA and ECC

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ah so he comes along with HANA? Where can I read the details of all the modules contained in the HANA installation?

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Hi - you can read the SAP Help, or the Cloud Appliance Libraries at the link above, or I recommend taking the free Open SAP classes on S/4HANA at