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Non traveling jobs?

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Background:  I have 10 years of manufacturing experience, and 1.5 years of SAP end user experience, with 2 go lives.  Our company went to SAP at then end of 2014, then we acquired another business in April of 2015 and I was pretty involved with that go live.  Most of my SAP experience is as a superuser to support the production employees, inventory counting, and processing production process orders(release, confirmation, TECO).  Most of my experience is with WM, IM, PP, and MRP.

So, I think I would like to pursue a career in SAP.  Of course my first thought is consultant but I have a bit of a dilemma in that I have young kids at home and a full time traveling job would not work out very well.  Some travel is fine, but extended time away from the family is what I am worried about.  I live in the Atlanta area and was wondering what types of careers I might be able to pursue that stayed mostly local.  And while of course money is not everything(I have taken pay cuts for the right opportunities before), I would like to be able to make decent money.

Any suggestions?


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Hello Mike,

You are right about the travelling part when it comes to being an SAP Consultant. But if you can find a Full Time position with a manufacturing company or a product based company (as opposed to being a freelancer/contractor) then the percentage of travel is really minimal. Even if you do become a freelancer, most companies allow out-of-state contractors to work-from-home on Fridays. Meaning, you can fly-out on Thursday and be back Monday morning. You will be amazed how many people do that on a weekly basis.

To start with, Atlanta is a good place to find SAP jobs. There are quite a few SAP jobs in the Georgia/Texas/Florida belt. Or you if move to the East Coast (NY/NJ/PA/MA area), there's pretty good jobs for SAP Consultants. Once you settle down in these areas you can move around in East coast without being too far away from home.