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non technical sap

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I am a fresher in mechanical engineering.i have recently come across ERP software and sap is one of the ERP software .can someone explain:-

1) what is the nontechnical side of sap? what type of jobs can u expect?i prefer the management side jobs in sap(no sales job)

2)can sap be learned by anyone?can anyone be successful at it ?what are the skills required to be successful in sap?

3) whats the minimum pay to the highest pay in sap?

4)will sap be apt for a engineer who as no technical backgrounds ?


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SAP PLM and SAP PM are something that might be of interest. PLM is Product Lifecycle Management and PM is Plant Maintenance.

There are four broad career track you can take in SAP, below is the order of least technical expertise required.

1) Project Manager track -

2) Functional Consultant - Business Analyst with deep product knowledge

3) Basis - Administrator with specialized SAP knowledge.

4) Developer - coder with high-level cross-functional knowledge.

SAP ecosystem attract talents from various academic backgrounds, definitely having an engineering mindset helps but I have seen very successful consultants with a non-college degree as well.