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new guy - looking for right start to custom report writing.

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Can someone please advise if ABAP programming is used for both interface development and building custom reports for v7? Sorry, new guy here, who is not going to ask another question until I get a/the right book to self start. Just overwhelmed trying to make sure I start in the right direction for custom report writing. Any recommended books for beginning report writing would be appreciated. Searching the SAP site for "SAP Press", but can't remember where i found the link to the books they recommend, and want to make sure i buy the right book.

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My suggestion:

get a book, install a trial ABAP system available for free and legally here on SDN and try to play with that one. You can use it to practise some basics, there are even many demo reports in every ABAP system. Then you will understand what you can do and what you need to ask (better ask Google, asking same funcamental questions is not welcomed here...).

Read my career blogs if you want to, ask in this thread and people will help you. Makes better sense than flooding ABAP general. At least to me,


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Thank you for your reply. I was not aware that one could download a development environment. I've purchased a book on ABAP, and am on my way. Thanks again.