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Need help with a career choice.

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The question that I intend to ask has been asked in these forums before, but here it goes again.

I did my engineering in mechanical in 2010, after that i joined an automobile ancilliary industry in technical marketing and sales. I worked there till 2014. After that i joined a construction ancilliary industry in technical marketing & sales again. This is where I am facing a career stagnancy. Even promotion to higher ranks will not give me any diversity of experience in future.

I am contemplating a career change to IT and its my opinion that SAP will help me. I have done a lot of research and have settled on SAP SD module to be perfect for me. You may ask me why I want to change to IT and not do an MBA, but the reason is IT as an industry has always attracted me. I code little applications as a hobby, and if i had found a way to join this industry earlier i would have, but I had been contended in my marketing profile before the stagnancy hit me.

People have advised not to do a certification as a surefire way to get a job but rather after gaining expereince in SAP. Now for a person in my profile, what is the best way to break into this industry in India?

If i go the fresher route i loose all my experience in my domain. If i go do a certification with my 5 years of domain expereince in sales, marketing, planning and distributiin to some extent does that put me in a better position to join as a  junior sap consultant?

Do i stand a better chance of  securing a job with these so called placement asistance companies like JKTech & Atos after my certification, provided I do actually learn the nitty gritty of SAP and secure good marks in the test.

The community has been very helpful, please provide your inputs and help me make a sound career decision. And no i dont want to do an MBA right now.


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Domain experience adds to your SAP career but just doing certification does not guarantee you a job.

Having good SAP-SD skills will boost your career,initially try to enter into atleast small company then you can move up the Ladder