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Need Guidance: SAP MM career

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Need Guidance:

I have 3+ years of pre-MBA experience in IT, precisely ITIL-ITSM, I am a BE(Computers) and full time- MBA(Operations) graduate. I am willing to make a Career in SAP as a functional consultant. Based on my interest level  i have shortlisted a few modules (MM, SRM, SD, CRM). Please guide me as in which one should i zero in on based on Industry demand/ future growth prospects. Suggest any other module if applicable.

Also, suggest a training centre in mumbai (preferrably on the western line) for good hands on experience. '

I would also like to know the difference between and Engineers role and MBA's role working on Functional modules like MM.

Please guide, TIA

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If you don't have end user experience then go for MM or SD module as they are Associate Level modules and SRM and CRM modules requires basic knowledge of MM and SD.

The difference betn Engineer's and MBA's role in functional module depends upon experience in jobs.

I think you should think about ABAP because you have pre MBA experience in IT,

Currently I am searching job so I don't know how my advice will help you.

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Welcome to SAP world.

Module chosen is totally depend on you...

As you have said, you have short listed some modules.

So, I suggest don't go for CRM and SRM at learning point.

You should choose one of them MM or SD.

If you are interested in Business Procurement, Then go for MM module.

If you are interested in sales matter, then choose SD module.

After get a experience of 2 or 3 years, then go for the SRM or CRM..

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Hello Sarvesh,

It is good that you have expressed interest towards the leading ERP solution - SAP.

I concur with my colleagues go fo SAP MM/ SD based on your interest.

If you are lucky with the Instititute in Mumbai, that would not help unless you Practice as it would look easy as the instructor tells you.

Once you get a Hands on with SAP, Check out the Solutions & Queries posted by our existing SCN member & start analyzing by which you get a fantastic exposure on Screens.

From Interview point of view it is important to know setting & business flow in SAP ** Module.

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Thanks for the reply friends.

I have decide to go ahead with SAP MM.

May i Also know the Scope of Career advancement in SAP MM on the functional side. I have learnt that getting an entry in SAP world is not an easy task , I have no functional experience or sap experience . Can this be a barrier for me to enter the sap world?.

TIA for your support experts.



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Hey Sarvesh!

Congrats for your choice, MM is a very good module to work once that have great demand as well as knowledge available in SAP environments, foruns and others. About your lack of experience as Functional and knowledge in related area, will depend of consultancy for which you're applying for. There are consultancies that have special programs to develop new professionals as well as there others that only hires specialized consultants.

Much success in your career,

Douglas Marcel

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Thanks Douglas but when i inquired in SAP authorized training institute for SAP MM training they said that it needs a Minimum of 2 years of domain experience to get enrolled for the course which unfortunately i do not possess. Can you or anybody guide me what i could do in this case

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You start your job in Purchase/Supply chain dept as a end user in sap mm, gain some experience and side by side go to online training course. OLT (on line training) gives you flexibility in work and learning.

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Hi Sarvesh,

Please talk to Sap training providers like Siemens.

Ask them , which module will suit you so that you can make a choice of if it.

i wont recommend ABAP  as you are an MBA graduate.

Try new areas in SAP . I strongly recommend talk to siemens . That can help you and finally choice is yours ONLY.

take a stand then.



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Hi Sarvesh,

This is my 1st post on SCN. The only thing which prompted me to reply was the similarity you have with my background (3+ years IT experience prior to MBA (major in Supply Chains)).

I am currently working as senior SAP support analyst with a large multinational IT company in uk. I got the job on the basis of my MBA and managerial experience (by the grace of God and a lot of good luck).

Your best bet would be to look for any entry level role i.e. Support, End user etc. within the SAP landscape capitalizing on your communication, people and problem management skills and prior IT experience.

Once you are in then start preparing for certification ideally MM.

Let me know if you need any further information or guidance.