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Need career advice: late shift from SAP ABAP to SAP data science

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Hi All,

I am from computer science background and have around 8 years of experience in SAP ABAP development.. I am fascinated by current SAP development in data science and want to learn it. However, I have a doubt -

SAP has their own tools in data science, for example predictive analytics and modelling software. It'll be easier for me to learn them since I am in the same industry - but will that help me in the long learn? Will the learning SAP data science lose value if I am out of SAP? In a nutshell, how different is SAP data science from generic non-SAP data science?

Thanks in advance,



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I think there are a lot of similarities - just try the free Open SAP courses on Data Science at - see and you can see for yourself.

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Hi Sariful Islam,

It seems from your query that after being into SAP ABAP, you also willing to be in non-SAP topics. Well, to be frank, the non-SAP scenarios in many cases are surviving as SAP is surviving & booming. Learning Data science would broaden your scope in your expertise & skill, but they would not be replacing the SAP ABAP programming ever. Data Science has a good potential, but its quite unstable in job market independently Data-Science, if you put your resume without your SAP ABAP Skills. I would urge you to go through the below,

Maybe you can spend a bit time on Intelligent Framework with Machine Learning




As a senior ABAP'er, I have been down the path of data science myself - to a point where I could do accurate forecasting and image recognition. Despite my humble personal victories, I have found out that one needs to have a statistical background to be really successful in that area. The best data scientists I know are mediocre programmers but very good statisticians.

My suggestion would be to advance your statistics knowledge before jumping to data science tools. There are many data science classes in universities or online resources. Otherwise, you'll have trouble with hyper-parameters and whatnot.

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SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA libraries etc.. As you've stated, these are just "tools" to take advantage of while building up your model. They'll help you to process both SAP and non-SAP data. Predictive Analytics and Analytics Cloud also offer automated and pre-configured models for non data scientist end users. This part would be quite easy for you to learn. However, if you want to build your models from scratch, you need to work on statistics and any data related topics before the tools.

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Hi I m sonu , I m sap abap certified, so please guide me can I enhance my abap skills with sap data intelligence or with sap CPI, please guide me which one is best course connected with my prior sap abap certification,,to grab that job without switching to sap abap.plz help me