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Need advice on SAP security training

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Hi all,

I am a SAP security admin for last 7 years. For all these years I have worked only on ECC security and handled multiple implementations. But unfortunately I dont have any experience in Portal,HR security,BI secutiy and GRC.

I would like to know if there is any courses available where I can equip myself with all these knowledge.

I am very much looking for SAP GRC training. I can see there is GRC for Busibess objects too. I am not sure which course I should be taking as I have no idea on GRC implementation. Please advice the correct course for me.

I tried contacting SAP India (Bangalore)  several times to know the details about this and for advice. But there were no response.

I would really appriciate someone helping me in my situation.




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Check  - C_GRCAC_10


Configure common GRC settings GRC100, GRC300
Configure MSMP workflow +GRC300
Configure the Integration Framework +GRC100, GRC300
Configure user provisioning +GRC300
Define and manage roles GRC300
Set up Access Risk Management +GRC300
Set up Business Rules Framework +GRC300
Set up Emergency Access Management GRC300

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First, where in the world are you located. In terms of getting training the world breaks down into 1) India and 2) everywhere else. In India, all training is conducted by authorized SAP partners (institutes). In order to get certified with GRC in India, you'll need to sign up for all of your training and take your exam at the end of the institute. As I understand it, you are not allowed to sit for an exam in India unless you've gone through an authorized institute.

Everywhere else in the world you have more options. There are several colleges and universities that include SAP in their curriculum (though none deal with security to the best of my knowledge), you can self study via books or take training from SAP or a number of online training providers. Once you feel ready, you can sit for the exam.

The following link leads you to more information on the certification for GRC

If you click on the Related Curricula tab, then click on the SAP BusinessObjects Access Control link, you'll be able to see the classes offered to give you an overview of GRC to prepare you for the exam. Those courses can be taken either directly from SAP in person or remotely through distance learning options. (Remember, though, you can only sit for the exam outside of India if you take this approach.)

A little history might help you with some confustion though. The original functionality was offered by a company called Virsa. SAP bought Virsa, combined it with some functionality which had been grown in house by SAP and renamed the product GRC. Once SAP bought Business Objects, they did some internal reorganizations and for whatever reason,the GRC product got shifted under the Business Objects brand. It's the same product. The current version is 10.0 I believe.

If you've been involved in implementing SAP ECC security for 7 years, you're not going to have any problem with GRC. The concepts are the same, the tool's different and has some functionality that is really somewhat adjacent to security but they threw it in anyway. You'll pick it up.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,