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n00b needs advice---community college SAP course

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Hello experts,

Iu2019m here for advice and help. I had started looking into SAP a while back but for other circumstances I had to put that to the side for a while. Now Iu2019m back more motivated then ever and ready to absorb all the information possible. As you read my post keep in mind that Iu2019m a complete beginner and have never used SAP. My field of work now has nothing to do with SAP, Iu2019m a laboratory technician and thatu2019s where my question comes in; will a class like the ones below help me land a job that with time I can make a career? Also which of this classes would you recommend that have the most opportunity for advancement and growth?

My community college offers several courses in SAP, but all the classes are geared for the professional using SAP in their own work environment, during an implementation, upgrade, or maintenance, or through consulting work. SAP version 6.0 is used in class. These classes are not part of training to pass a specific certification.u2026

Classes offered:

SAP End User Applications

SAP FICO Financial Training

SAP Logistics Training with Materials Management and Production Planning

SAP Production Planning Training

SAP Security Training

SAP Security Training Advance

Each class is $1450.

Also have any of you ever become certified in a specific module of SAP without paying the big bucks for the SAP classes?

BTW, I know $1450 is a very small amount compared to what the real SAP classes go for. I just donu2019t know if itu2019s worth it for what Iu2019m receiving in exchangeu2026


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Anybody? Just some advice will help. Breaking into the SAP career is difficult if you don't have the money to pay for the classes, I just want to know if there is a another way to get your foot in the door.