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Looking for project suggestions as a student

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I would like to start with saying sorry if it is not the true place to ask this kind of question. I am a computer science student and this year I need also want to develope a project with ABAP. The thing that I am looking for is an idea of proper project that I can create with ABAP.

I think that maybe I can find some expert people in here had same issue in their school life or career. I have finished my intership in a consultancy company as a really really beginner of an ABAP programmer and learned basics of programming. The reason that I want your advice is because some projects that I am thinking to delevope may not be very possible to do with the ABAP enviroment, because of the experts in the company that I worked told me that SAP system may not be efficient in some ways, for example screen painter elements are very limited not like C# so on.That is why I don't want to waste my time trying to do the things that is not possible in ABAP. I want to do something challenging for me and forces me to search more.

Thank you.


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Since SAP is an ERP product it is very difficult to just start with programming something. There is always a relation with a business process like purchasing, leave request, invoicing.

So if you want to make something substantial and challenging I suggest to first find out what business field you are used to or interested in.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Thank you for you reply,

I have not taken any course in school related ABAP so I can't say I have eligible knowledge of SAP enviroment but the company that I worked as an intern is related logistics and automation. Possibly an idea of project about these contents can be useful but still I feel like I have to cross  the ocean without knowing existence of a ship.

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IMHO at this point you'd be wasting time learning ABAP in general. Even experienced ABAPers are already looking around for other options. There are barely any pure ABAP jobs and those are not well paid. Unless you have some purely academic interest in ancient languages, I'd suggest to invest your time in something else.