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Is Manual Testing Profile GOOD???

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Dear all i have completed a course in SAP ABAP and i am strong technically.

i am getting a profile for MANUAL Testing with a company in Bangalore which will send me to SAP LABS gurgaon on contract basis for 1 year.

Is it a good profile to start my career ????

what are the chances of shifting to development after 1 year??

Should i wait for an development profile???

My interest lies in both testing and implementation but i am not sure which is good for a long term career.

kindly guide me...


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I think it is good to go for it... you will learn lots of things while going through testing...and if you are intrested in development then you can work with them on defects created by you during testing. I would suggest you to go for it.

All the best

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Hi Khush,

You should go ahead with this opportunity. Once you are in SAP Labs, you can learn more and more

and chances are more that you can get in to SAP Labs and work in ABAP development which is the

best ever place to start your career in ABAP.

I would suggest you to go ahead with this profile.



[How an SAP ABAP Career Can Be Like a Train Journey|] [original link is broken];

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You have fallen into an incredible opportunity. You will learn more in one year of testing than you will anywhere else. Thank whomever helped you get the job and be happy!

Best regards,