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Information required regarding SAP BO

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This is Sanjay Sreedhar.

I want to make a career in SAP BO and then upgrade to SAP HANA.

I would like to know which is a better option to choose among the following:

1) BO - BI - HANA

2) BO - HANA

I would also like to mention that I am genuinely not interested in ABAP.

It would be really helpful if I could get suggestions regarding the pre-requisites, market requirements, salary packages and career growth prospects for SAP BO and SAP HANA.


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BO - HANA would be ideal.

BO - BI - HANA has ABAP on it which stands for BI Business Intelligence.

The salary is good depending on your skills, qualifications and experience.

Companies will look for experience and qualified personel.

Since you are starting out you would need to start fresh right from the bottom.

But once you get going you should be ok.

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Hi Sanjay,

First, you learn BO or BW, because you can perform as Functional Consultant.  If you choose BW or BO, then try to acquire other one after a year or two.  Once you stay those systems, then you can think about your next path.  Do not decide now.  Because each area is vast in terms of functional and technical side, so it takes many years to master in one area.

My suggestion, first take the step into one system then decide afterwards...