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I need job in SAP MM as trainee.

I am Chetan, BE MECHANICAL, I worked in Procurement for 10 years across different manufacturing industries, now Looking for a career to start in SAP MM.

I Worked as end user in SAP MM for 5 years,

I did SAP MM Implementation course also,

But i am not getting job anywhere, as all are asking for experience

So anyone please help me to find suitable job, i even ready to work in startups.


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Community Manager
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Your question included your email address and phone number. That personal information violates our rules of engagement ( Please familiarize yourself with these rules before posting questions.

Since you're asking a question here for the first time, I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with, as it provides tips for preparing questions that draw responses from our members. Feel free to take our Q&A tutorial at as well, as that will also help you when preparing questions for the community.

For example, you can:

* Outline what steps you took to find answers (and why they weren't helpful).

* Make sure you've applied the appropriate tags.

* Rephrase so that you aren't soliciting, which ultimately may require us to delete your question.

If you don't apply the correct tags, the right experts won't see your question to answer it. (For example, is this an MM Purchasing question or more of a Careers / Training question?) And if the question is too much of a solicitation, we may have to remove. (Rephrase to seek advice on how you can build your career -- instead of giving out your email address and telephone number and asking people to contact you with job offers. This isn't a jobs site.)

Should you wish, you can revise your question by selecting Actions, then Edit.

The more details you provide, the more likely it is that members will be able to respond.

I also recommend that you include a profile picture. By personalizing your profile, you encourage readers to respond:

Kind regards,


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