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How to logon to the Career Center using you SCN username and password

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We all know how painful it is to have to create yet another username and password for a site, well for the Career Center you don't have to. We are working to have single sign on between SCN and the Career Center but until that time or if you navigate directly to the Career Center site you can log on using your SCN username and password via OpenID. Here is how.

First, ensure you have set an OpenID username in your SCN profile.

Then go to the Career Center and click

"Access Your Job Seeker Account" for job seekers OR

"Access Your Employer Account" for employers

At the bottom of the login box, besides "Have an OpenID?" click on the "Sign In" link

In the box type

and click Login.

You will be taken to another page on SCN requesting you to login (if you haven't already) and finally approve the JobTarget OpenId login request.

Viola, you are then brought to your personal account on the Career Center. If this is your first time use, you may need to fill out some necessary pieces for the Career Center account profile.

Update 24.08.09: We are having some intermittent OpenID issues, will update the post when it is resolved




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That's really good news!

Now we have additional link to suggest newbie or job seeker in ABAP

P.S. Can you please amend in Forum Rules of Engagement with this information to let the others know?