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How to break into SAP

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Please is there anybody here who didn't have any experience in SAP yet got a job in SAP? Any tips please?

I am asking that because although I am trained and certified, my main work experience is not in SAP and I've realised it is difficult breaking into SAP.

Thank you.


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Hi Effa,

It is not that simple question to answer. We need to know your background and what is the module you are looking. Please read below blogs and comments section where many people asked similar kind of questions.

Also check other available blogs in Career/certification section.



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Hi Effa,

As asked by Prasad please suggest what's your background and in which module are you looking.



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Thank you guys for your responses. Sorry, I have a degree in Banking and Finance and a Masters in Finance and Investment Management. I am also a part qualified CIMA and a certified SAP FI Consultant. I have done various finance roles. I hope this helps.


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Hi Effa,

As far as i have heard, SAP FI is most wanted module in SAP market.

May be you need to improve your interview skills and if possible should have good process knowledge.

Searching is a better option for good opportunities. 

All the best for you.



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You have certification and also eminently suited from a domain skill perspective. Please look and get a suitable opening for SAP experience. You can apply to SAP Partners engaged in providing SAP Application Services like implementation projects or support services especially in the Banking sector.

It is not clear if you are employed at present and if yes if you are employed in the Banking Sector. A job in the Banking sector will suitably complement your education and also SAP FI relevant for the Banking Industry. However I do see consultants in SAP FI without domain experience. It will be hard to survive as a successful consultant in SAP FICO area without the necessary domain knowledge.

Please visit job portals and register your resume so you are considered for any requirements. As per SCN rules I cannot mention the web site names here and a google search should reveal them to you. You may also email me and I can reply some website names.

While looking for these opportunities you have to focus more on getting the opportunity to work on an SAP assignment. You MAY have to downplay the remuneration part to begin with. Once you prove yourself you can ask for a raise or move for better prospects.

Hope this helps you progress in your career. Wish you all the very best!