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how to become SAP SD / LE consultant through learning hub ?

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I a little confused about how learning hub works. I have some SAP experience through various projects but never been certified. I want to gain consultant certification in Sales & Distribution, and Lologistics execution. I understand that I need to have a learning hub solution edition account but what I need is know is :

which one of the editions is required to cover both ( SD & LE ) ?

what is the exams I should take and pass ?


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You can use the Learning Hub for reference material and getting you ready for your exam/certification.

To actually do the exam and get certified, you'll need the certification hub subscription and plan an exam.

See link

When you have a subscription you can access the certification hub and plan an exam.

For SD you'll need: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP S/4HANA Sales 1809 Upskilling


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which learning hub covers both topics ( SD & LE ) ?

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The learning hub is not necessary if you want to do your exam/certification.

In case you want to study more you could get the Learning Hub Enterprise Edition.

In case you want to do the exam immediately, try the example questions first and afterwards purchase a certification hub subscription.

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but what i understood is that one can't purchase certivfication hub without at least having one learning hub account, isn't that right ?

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Not true, I do not have a Learning Hub subscription, but do have a Certification Hub.