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How is it easy (possible ?) to get job as SAP ABAP Fresher in India ?

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Hello I am Ankur from India,

I have been reading all posts on SCN from months before I actually started my training.

I completed my SAP ABAP training and certification in May 2015 from Atos India. Training was really good. Concepts are very clear.

Before approaching to SAP, I had 2 years of experience, I worked with many technologies such as PuppetLab Enterprises, AngularJS, MySQL, Laravel, Neo4j, MongoDB, Amazon AWS Cloud, Unix basics, VMware, GIT, JIRA tool etc. So learning and understanding ABAP was not that much difficult task.

Problem is that even though I have an experience, I am considered as a fresher (yes in SAP). I started looking for vacancies for SAP ABAP freshers. Companies like Capgemini and Reliance had openings but only for those who have more that 60%+ in their 12th HSC. In Indian market, there are many vacancies for SAP ABAP associates having atleast more than 2 years of experience. Other few who had freshers vacancies never contacted back.

I am already done with registering on all popular online job portals. Now I literally feel like sinking in the middle of the ocean. Till the time, I used to hear from people that only few of them got SAP jobs who did that certification. I thought to go ahead as I have good programming knowledge and background and yes I cleared with 83%, can crack the interview.

At SCN, I read good articles about interviews but they are helpful for that phase which comes after getting an interview call.

Still the day has not yet arrived that would make me think SAP was a waste of money (still I would say an investment) and time.

Now the rubber band of Patience is the only key and do study, wait and watch, study, wait and watch, thats what I can do as far as I am thinking.

If anybody here can assists me or rather I would say give more ideas and inputs about getting calls, then it would be really appreciable.

Thank you.


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I think about it you dont yet in place correct in moment correct. Any insights about:

  • Try to consider the possibility of changing city or country.
  • Try opportunities in large consultancies Bangalore and Mumbai (Accenture) usually have better job opportunities.
  • Persevere in the end you will see that it was worth it.
  • Improve your resume

Best Regards


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Hi Ankur,

I know the pain and frustration. I am certified consultant , I been there .

After completion my certification , I waited almost one year, tried very hard to get opportunity.

Finally got opportunity , for the last four years I have been working with the same MNC.

I know its easy to advise,  but I experience the pain, I am telling you, do not lose hope.

work hard, continue your preparation. you never know when you opportunity comes your way.

be ready to grab it.

Be strong, all the very best.



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You waited for 1 year ? Seriously ?

So basically SAP associates need to have a great level of patience. I heard the same from other people also, few of known people waited for 2 to 3 months after which they got an opportunity.

I dont understand logic that most of the organizations are looking for SAP experienced candidates. Yes, from one side we can say that they have good amount of funds for salaries (for experienced candidates) because they are lifting up the same good amount from clients, but at some time an Experience guy was also a fresher. How to get into this revolving wheel ?

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Hi Suresh,

I am planning to change my skill from Mainframe to SAP ABAP.. Can you please guide me ??

My current experience is 3 Years with Accenture..


Deepak J

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Hey Deepak,

I dont feel I am the right person to answer this. But once you come to SAP, you will have 0 years of experience in SAP. So you will start from beginning.

I believe you can study SAP ABAP side by side and ask project manager to get a small ABAP related tasks.