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how and where to start SAP-HCM configuration in Real time

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Hi everyone

Can anyone plesae tell me in real time we will be given system and after that a client will be there then how we will start the implementation process where i should go will there be any specific client URl's that navigate me to some site and over there i will find SAP server or where i will find sap SERVER;

Like in IDES SAP-server is found on desktop like wise can u just tell in real time once i login into the client system what happens that means will that login take me to the different desktop and where in this new desktop in start> programs>Sap server


like the above mentioned is correct or in whic way i have to open the SAP-server so that i can start configuring


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Hello Priyanka

Every step forward is  a learning, and this learning continues life long. Coming to your question you are looking for  real time implementation scenarios. I am not into SAP HCM but BW. So HCM Configurations  I am not acquainted with.
However  every  SAP implementation project has some objectives and phases. If I discuss that you will get a clear picture.

First of all the IDEs that you are using from your Laptop means you have installed the SAP GUI and then server configurations are maintained. You are connecting to that respective server using  internet and practice  on yourself. In organizations, SAP as a software is not installed in workstations or laptops. They are also required to connected to server as SAP  is actually installed in server computer.
One of the various advantages of this during  implementation is  consultants working in the project can carry out implementation from any geographic location. Meaning thereby you don't need to be at client's place (offshore implementation).
And also the consultants dont find any constraint maintaining the timeline to complete the implementation.
Now talking about your question, implementation takes place in phases. The end to end implementation means from starting point till completion.
There are 5 implementation phases comprising together which may be called ASAP methodology.

ASAP: Accelerated Systems Application and Products in Data Processing

  • 1. Project preparation - consists of identifying team members and developing strategy as how to go.
  • 2. Bring out  Business Blue print - consists of identifying the client current process, requirement and how SAP provides solution. consists of detailed documentation
  • 3. Realization -The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business and process requirements based on the  Business Blueprint.
  • 4. Final Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to complete testing, end-user training, cutover..
  • 5. Go Live and Support : All the functional consultants along with technical ones (ABAP Consultants) together work. right from uploading of legacy data, developing customized reports, Forms etc, here functional consultants need to give guidance as to get the required data for reports and all.. like the table name, fields etc

This is how  generally  workaround progresses. Actually there are a lot. But this was in nutshell.

Hope it helps!

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thanku so much aparajit .. it really helped me a lot but one clarification;

as u said SAP is not installed in the system right that means untill and unless i log into client server i cant access to SAP am i right???

one more query is now if i am in implementation i will be in which phase among  all the above mentioned phases?

if i am into support i will be into which because der r again types of support production and development?

one last query if i am in implementation in which client i will be doing the configuring the steps it is developemnt only right or anything else

thanku please kindly reply

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Hi Priyanka,

Ans- 1
SAP always works in Client-Server architecture, say a two tier architecture where all consultants and customers log into their workstations (client computer) and log on to server to access SAP.
As you are accessing  the demo IDE now by logging into the system and connecting to the server, the same way you will in real time as well. It is citrix who is maintaining all these.

As you are a just getting started, you will be in junior consultant role. So you will be working strictly  in Realization phase that is  development if you are given an opportunity to work in implementation. But it depends as it differs in accordance with scope.

Ans- 3
How many types of Support have you heard about?
I know there are levels of support  but not types as all are called SAP Production Support.
Depending on type you may work in L1 , L2, L3 support.

Sorry, I really did not get what you wanted to ask.


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Thanks a lot aparajit

the last question i was meant to ask was in which client (client number) i will do configuration;

and coming to the first answer i understood; is it citrix works as a client environment?? 

Thanks again

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It is basis who does the system set up in real time. They  maintain the no of clients for application server and the client number as well. It varies project to project and requirement to requirement.
However from your question i suppose you tried to ask in which environment  will start the configuration in an implementation project.

The answer is simple it is development environment.
Look, this is how it works:

Development box----> Quality box------> Production server

You will start developing and configuring all required objects and then ask basis to transport them into quality where testing will be performed. When testing is done and everything is fine, those objects will be transported to production.