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help to choose module according my profile

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hi  i am a MCA graduate and  work as a programmer in  1 year . i learn ABAP but i am not intrest in coding. currentlly i am working as a Software implementation engineer . in this job i work in different  industrial software in oil, PHARMA ,power industry . i am intrested in function module. i search and found  SD module intresting for me . plz sugges a functional module for me.


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Hi Digvijay singh,

                    You had work experience for a year as programmer and technical background like MCA, it is better to go with ABAP.

            If you want to go with functional like SD, you need domain experience.

If you continue with ABAP and over a period of time you will get a functional experience not only SD, but also in MM,PP,PM and FI/CO etc.

Best Regards,


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Hi Digvijay

I'm sorry I'm not sure what MCA is? That aside, you have a programming background but do not wish to be a programmer (i.e. not do ABAP). I'm not sure what sort of work you do in software implementation as that can be quite diverse.

You then SD interests but ask us to suggest a module. No-one can do that for you based on what you have described. You have not even mentioned why SD insterests you and what criteria is important for you to make decision.

Before you make the decision and resulting investment, I recommend you research and learn about SAP and options. Have a look at the SAP Learning Hub discovery version and do some free online courses to see what that module entails. Google, check SCN, read publish articles and discover. Then make your decision



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Since you are a MCA graduate, choose ABAP, it will be good for you.

anyway, you seems that you are not interested in ABAP, do as you wish... all the best



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Please do not reply to threads just for the sake of replying. It serves you, the OP and the community no good. Going the posts you have made here in the past few days, it seems that you care less for the giving a sound career advice and care more for points. That being the case, I request you to stay away from such discussions here.


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thanks for reply , it is matter of interest , if i am not interest in ABAP than why i wast my time and efforts. during my current job i know my skill which i used in my sap career. i interact with industrial  client and analysis his current system and provide software solution to him.  configuration is also a part of my current job.  so that the some reason to choose functional module. so plz give advice .

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you have already mention that you are not interested in programming. So leave about the programming module, before choosing a module you have to know your areas of interest, and then have a look into the SAP modules, and get over view of module you have choosen...

Last but not least:

It is always better to start the SAP career with ABAP, even you are going for another modules also..


G S Ramanjaneyulu.