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Help Required

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I have experience of 7 years in Sales domain(manufacturing and engineering Industry). I am 2005 Engineering Graduate,

Now, am planning to make a move in to SAP. I came to know that without certification it is not possible to get a job in SAP.

OK so i was on the search for the certification institutes and there was a confusion. Every institute says they are(only) certified training institute by SAP.

I am very new to SAP. and seek guidance in the same regards.

Suggestions are accepted.


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It is very possible to get a job in SAP without certification. It's just not possible to get a job DIRECTLY doing SAP without experience. Once you have experience, then certification helps further. Please read

Advice for Recent College Graduates (aka "Freshers") and FAQ: What is the best SAP module for me?.

You may find other helpful blogs at SAP Career Blog Links.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


P.S. Yes, I know you're not a fresher, but the advice still applies. In your case, use the skills you have to get a job at a company that is using SAP and gradually move from end user to "back office support" See FAQ: Different Career Paths in SAP for more info on career paths. -td

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  its not True that Only Certified people are Getting jobs,70% people working  in the sap market are not Certified

It all depends onhow you are addressing the requirements and Handling the Client.

Knowledge and skills are the First Preference,certification is an Added Advantage

There are many freshly Certified people who are still searching for Jobs.


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Hi Ravindra,

It is not true that only Certified people are getting jobs as most of the people working in SAP are not certified.

But as in your case you have 7 years of SD experience but do you have any SAP experience?

If yes, then you can easily get a job

But if no then you will face problems and to get a job Certification will be very helpful to you