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Guidance required for SAP BASIS Training

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I have done BE E&TC in 2009. Then i did job for 1 year as a Network Engineer for 1 year (2009 - 2010). Then i left the job & did MBA Operations full time 2 years ( 2010 - 2012 ). I am searching job for 1 year but didn't succeeded in it.

Now i am planning to do SAP BASIS training from a company named, Net Business Solutions ( from mumbai.

They are charging 50,000 Rs for the training of 2 months. after the training they will put us on live project for 6 months for which they are charging 1 lakh rupees.

Do you think the above training will help me get a job?

pls guide.

Thank you


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Hi Tejas

Please go to any authorized training centre for SAP training and certification. The certification will help you understand the concept better. The training is for 5 weeks. You can contact me for details.


Shyam Yadav


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Hi Tejas,

Don't belive that job is gurantee if you pay money, Best suggestion will be go for SAP authorized training institutes like ATOS . Put that amount for certification  if possible.

Keep on Practice, Daily update your CV in Job portals.

Initiallly every institue will say like that only job gurantee in  starting after you joined then you will come to know it all depends on your performance and efforts.

If  you have any doubts regarding Basis Materials just go through the SCN basis Portal .



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Hi Tejas,

Take sometime and do some checks about the quality of training given by this institute/company from those who did training here. This will help you guess/gauge the quality of training and the reputation of the company. There are a few other companies that project that you will be put on live project for 'X' number of months and charge quite a good amount but it is difficult to decide to what extent they are genuine and how good such a program is going to be.

It is of course expensive deal to learn from SAP Authorized partner but they won't claim anything that they don't sell and having trained from SAP Labs is a kind of endorsement that you have learnt the necessary topics and your certification complements your knowledge. But again, it is expensive deal to learn from SAP . So take sometime and think well and then decide.

I hope I answered your question.

Nagarajan Viswanathan

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Hi Nagarajan and Other Experts,

I am Networking Professional in a Reputed MNC for the past 2 years, i wanted to know which module should i choose.


If its SAP BASIS, then how good is that compared to other modules.

Can i go for multiple certifications to improve my knowledge and move to a better domain?

Please help.


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Hi Arnab,

Am guess SAP BASIS is good option for you.

Without basis consultant there is no SAP at MNC. so BASIS is heart to SAP.

in SAP first go with any one module which suits and interested in. once you got job into sap fields then alter  think to have multiple skills.

because in sap now days its not easy to get jobs as fresher's. its very hard to get.

Other than basis there are some more modules which have more opportunities like ABAP/BW/BO/HANA.. its total depend on your interest.

BW - Data ware house and techno function module

BO - Reporting tool 

HANA - bit kind of SQL coding

ABAP - is pure programing module - technical consultant.


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Hi Arnab,

If you are interested in learning SAP and that's why you want to switch to SAP then its fine.

There are technical and functional modules in SAP, take sometime and go through the different modules by reading about them and see which one you find interesting and would like to pursue. There is some networking work in SAP Basis but not to the extent that a pure network engineer does so that is something you should check out first. SAP Basis team consists of people who install/update/upgrade/maintain the SAP application system. Any company that intends to implement SAP would need a BASIS Team, the size of the team varies depending upon the scale of SAP system implemented.

Your experience in any other field will not be counted towards SAP so you would have to start like a fresher and the growth in SAP Basis is not so fast these days as there are already many people who have experience in SAP Basis.

There are other technical modules which involve coding and development so you can check them also.


Nagarajan Viswanathan

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Thanks all for your valuable inputs.

I have decided to go with BI/BO or maybe HANA in future (as i have worked on SQL query) .

For these modules what does the employer expect one should possess before the certification, as i want to build myself towards it to have a successful career ahead not just sit with a certification.

Please suggest


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You are welcome Arnab.

In general, any employer would prefer the candidate to have business process knowledge, hands on experience as it will be good for employer to put the candidate on work directly.

If you have working experience of SQL then it will help in learning BI as it involves importing data from multiple repositories and make it compatible in BI for generating report according to the business requirement/different stakeholders.

HANA is an in-memory database i.e. the data is stored in RAM which decreases the information retrieval time considerably and provides results in seconds. SAP is promoting HANA with its new implementations and for companies which want to implement it, you would need a database for working in BI and HANA would be a good choice.

Keep searching in for free training on BI/BO/SAP Mobility, HANA, SAP HANA Cloud etc.

If you find my response useful then please rate it accordingly.


Nagarajan Viswanathan