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Guidance required for choosing a SAP module.

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I have completed my B.E. in Electrical & Electronics in the year 2012.After that i have worked as a Project Assistant in the Dept of Aerospace engineering,IISc,Bangalore for 10 months. Since then i am searching for a job but i am unable to find one.Now, i am planning to pursue a course in SAP. Can you please help me in choosing which module fits for me? Am i eligible to take up a course in SAP as i dont have any particular industry experience.

Please help!!


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ABAP - If you are good in programming

Basis - If you are good in system administration

BI/BO/HANA - If you are good in database

If I am in your position, I would go with the third path, as many people are already filled in Path 1 and Path 2

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I have read somewhere that for taking up any course among the functional modules available one need to have minimum 2 yrs of related work experience. Is that true?

I am planning to take up a course in Bangalore so can you please suggest among all the sap education partners that are available where can i get actual hands on experience and what are the chances of getting a job if choose to take up a training in either BI/BO/HANA?

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It really not mandatory to have work experience of 2 years.

BI / BO areas are still demanding in the market. However, please note that you cannot solely depend on the SAP Certification, it could help you to some extent, but surely it is NOT a job guarantee program. You should struggle your bit and hopefully, you may find decent opening.

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You got a very good opportunity to work with the top institute in India which is also a leading institute in the World. If you have interest to continue in the Aerospace field, you should continue in the same field and don't get distracted. You have a very high chance of getting employed in the same field in India / abroad. THINK before making decision.

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I was just working there as a Project Assistant under a professor at IISc. I used to get very less stipend and there was no chance of career growth. I am just a B.E. and i dont have any plans to pursue Masters/Ph.d now. All i want is a good job. Now since the job market is not that good and i dont want to take up any technical support job i am just planning to enhance the chances of getting a job by taking up a course in Sap.

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Ok.Your decision.

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Domain or industry is a part of ERP world. SAP also denotes the same. If you have domain or industry experience it would help you to understand the business process thoroughly. Which in turn help your consulting career.

There are lot of people with experience and lots of without experience. But as an employer domain experience people will be given preference (But not compulsory).

Hence forth my suggestion that if you work and side by side you learn SAP it would help you to exhale in your career.

Thanks & regards,