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Guidance for pursuing SAP - CO module

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Dear All,

I m new to the SAP world. I m having CWA qualification and having 8 years of experience in Costing and Financial Accounting, now will to do SAP CO module (Configuration) for better carrier will any body guide me regarding the same.

I have doubts regarding Online course or full - time. If a person study thoroughly will online course gives sufficient knowledge (as it has comparatively lower fees and it matters for me) One more important think, about which I have to know is "after certification - Project Experience" will there is a chance to enter in the field as a fresher

For doing successful SAP CO Configuration what kind of qualities, qualification and experience one shoud have.

all of your's valuable thoughts and suggestions are welcomed

thanks & regards

Tushar Awasare

Pune (India)


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Dear Tushar,

U will go Hyderabad and join Ramesh sir institute if u any query please send to my Gmail id.


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Dear Tushar,

In any case Online course is batter option than that of Full time classroom training.

In case of online training you have an option to have online meeting with SAP Subject matter Expert with head phone and mic. He will access your screen and help you resolving all your queries.

The most Imp thing is you will not have to take leave from your existing Job for the course.

You will be able to revise your course for multiple times and you can move at your own pace and speed.

Coming back to your question "after certification - Project Experience"

I will just suggest you to go through the given below links very carefully along with all the comments on the blog. Read each and every word.

DOs & DON’Ts for SAP Career (Certification) on the basis of my on going journey from an Accountant t...

Root cause analysis of major problems in SAP Career (Certification) for new comers / fresher.

You have rich domain experience,

I would suggest putting LOT of filters before you put any of your resources in this field.

“This path is fraught with high costs, high unemployment, and very low success.”


Chirag Shah

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Dear Tushar,

U will go Hyderabad and join Ramesh sir institute if u any query please send to my Gmail id.

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Hi Tushar,

I am glad to know that you are looking for SAP Career.

However let me be specific instead of generic.

Its correct that looking at your academics SAP CO would be a good option however I am not clear what kind of experience do you have when you say you have costing experience. Did you work as a costing clerk or cost accounting clerk, costing analyst, Cost Accountant etc. If the answer is yes, then probably I would assume that you have some experinece in handling the related business processes for costing area. However if your experience is more on financial accounting side then we have to take note of the fact that you need to not just have exposure about SAP Controlling but also have proper business process related exposure.

Also you have to take note of the fact whether you have experience in handling manufacturing processes in terms of costing or not.

As there are many industries, many business processes however the standard business processes for example make to stock, make to order, sales order stock, cross company costing are same across industries. It also varies whether the organisation is manufacting or trading or both manufacturing and trading or purely service etc.

In Controlling we have quite a few submodules like Cost Center Accounting, Cost Element Accounting, Internal Order Accounting, Product Costing, Profitability Analysis and if you see in the market there are lot of people who claims to be a FICO Consultant but they dont know anything about Product Costing and CO-PA so there is a real dearth of SAP CO Module consultant especially Product Costing and COPA Area as these are niche skill.

Most of the FICO Consultants in the market are actually SAP-FI Consultant and not CO and real Integration skills.

However it does not matter whichever institute (small or big) you choose to learn, most of then will not necessarily have the best faculty who has proper CO experience to deal with the students and transfer the knowledge.

Also in another way, when you learn on the job its the best method instead of just learning from someone. You can definitely increase your knowledge by doing multiple activities, like attending webinars, reading books, periordicals, practising sap in the system, looking at SDN and other sap forums etc.

So having proper blend of business processes knowledge, sap consultant skills (configuration, all kind of testing including cross module integration skills, deployment) are the key. Also learning SAP FI is mandatory even if you are learning and becoming a SAP CO consultant as then only you can claim to be a proper SAP FICO Consultant.

Also at your level there are more chances you getting into th.e sap consultant jobs as a lateral entry i.e. with domain experinece instead of sap experienced hier.

Having SAP Certification is a good one but this does not give any guarantee to get into the sap consultant job. The key is as I have mentioned proper blend of business processes & sap knowledge

Get back to me in case you need any further clarification.

Thanks & Regards