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Getting started in SAP - developer consultant

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I'm about to make a career change and go in the SAP world as a developer consultant. I've previously worked as a developer/application support and have no experience or direct exposure to SAP products/development but I'm eager to step in and learn all that's needed. I have a general idea of what SAP products do but that's about it for now.

I know SAP has a very good documentation but it's vast and very difficult for a newcomer to stay on track without getting lost in the mass of documentation.

Therefore I'm wondering if you could point me to some resources that would help me get familiarized with SAP products in general and then put me on track on what's needed to get started as a SAP developer.

Is there something like a learning path in the docs?

Is ABAP mandatory or I can get away with Java only (which I know well)?

If Java is enough, what parts of Java are needed most?

If ABAP is mandatory, are there any good tutorials, introductions, etc. to the language and its applications in SAP?




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Hello Boyko,

I could not answer you for the question you asked about Is Java is enough as i am a functional person.

However when it comes to video tutorial, I would suggest to use Youtube. There are many good video tutorials in Youtube which will be useful to understand about SAP on a whole.

For all other timepass acitvities we are using Youtube. Try for learning about an application once in youtube.



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Dear Boyko,

Java will be useful in SAP PO/PI/XI. So in this case you need to learn SAP PO/PI/XI

There are many SAP Products for which ABAP is the language. If you plan to become SAP developer then you need to learn ABAP.

For learning ABAP, easy way is to get trained either Official (which is expensive) or through Online Courses. Self learning is time consuming or difficult but not impossible.

All the best.



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Hi Bokyo,

There are so many SAP products and so many will come in future ,Instead learning a tool first understand the SAP Solution portfolio for that follow the SCN community blogs and posts , Understand the sap business and find some interesting area. Start working with that , you can do it without spending any money on it. use open sap to start learning about sap.

Enterprise MOOCs: Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device! | openSAP

All the very best.