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Course path and partnership for SAP Asset Performance Management


Hi there,

I am really interested in following a SAP course to be able to deploy predictive maintenance solutions for companies with existing SAP ERPs.  I am not sure which courses could covers that, would that be this one?

Second, I would like then for our company to get SAP partnership status to implement that at customers. What exactly are the steps to follow to do that?


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@pieter_cawood Hi! Predictive maintenance with asset management is a hot topic. Look at the unfortunate fires and related equipment that could be better monitored. 

Your in the right spot with SAP Training. You'll need to search "Asset Management" to check what's covered. To assess the various topics that fall under IAM check out the Help Portal. I just did an IAM search and there are a number of specific IAM courses that you will find interesting.

There's always a need for high quality SAP partners who can add customer value in specific product, solution, industry, and service areas. Check out this SAP Partner landing page on the first steps to become a partners.

Good luck! Keep this group posted on your progress!