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Choosing a SAP specialization advice

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Hello SAP colleagues,

I have a solid 6 years of industry and consulting experience in the Basis field leading multiple project lifecycles and modules.  I feel I have a strong foundation administering many SAP products.  Even more stronger on things like infrastructure assessments, strategy, planning, and execution for the areas / technologies that often come up in a SAP project.  However, at this point I can’t really say I am a “specialist” in a given SAP area.  Below are some areas I was thinking about pursuing with notes.  I know HANA might be a common response and just want to mention that I would be looking to certify in that regardless (I do have some hands-on already) as I think at this point HANA should be even on the generalists’ list of skill sets.

BI / BW / Business Objects – I believe analytics will continue to have a strong future and this seems to be in most demand compared to other areas.  I also have some experiences to leverage.
SRM / Sourcing / MDM-Catalogue – this would be an easy focus for me due to previous experiences.
Solution Manager – there would be a little learning curve but not too much due to previous experiences.  There is a more configuration and services providing aspect from the administrator standpoint that I think is good.
Gateway – I think this has a good future, but does not seem to be too in demand.
Mobility – I think this has a great future, but interestingly does not seem to have a lot of demand (at least for non-consultant positions) on job boards.
Process Orchestration – sounds interesting, but does not seem to be too in demand.
LVM – sounds interesting, but does not seem to be too in demand.
SAP Security – I actually would not mind trying my hand at SAP Security and have done enough basic tasks already to not need too large a learning curve.  Security is pegged as a top IT priority for years to come.  Also the middle of night off hour calls would not be as bad in this field.

What are your suggestions on these or other area(s) to pursue?  Right now I’m wavering between choosing one of the BI, SRM, SolMan, and Security routes.  Feel free to direct message me if needed.

Any advice is much appreciated,


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  You can chose in SAP industry modules, additional more details you can move your thread to SAP Career center space, you can get the more advice, tips & recommendation.