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Hi All,

I have 14 years of domain experience in different areas of Finance & worked as end user both in SAP as well Oracle .

From sometime, I have been thinking in terms of switching my career from Finance & Accounts to ERP Functional Consultant (preferably SAP FI/CO ?? )

I need your thought on the above specifically to the below issues.

1. Will it be worth at this age (I am approaching almost 40 ) to change career from pure Finance to SAP FI/CO consultant .

2. How & where to start ?? I can spare 25-30 days for a training & probably can spend around a hundred thousand rupees. I need your opinion about the roadmap I should take for the SAP course .

3. I know very well it is very difficult to prediect , still if possible let me know from your experience, how much time it may take for me to reach my current level of income ( INR 200,000 per month approx ) if I start now for SAP career change.

4. Any other valuable suggestion

Academically, I am ICWA ( 2000) & M.Com

Best regards

Please do not post in All Caps. It is considered SHOUTING and in general, bad netiquette.

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Have you already read all the blogs mentioned in this sticky thread?


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Hello Kishan, how comes the thread has been updated? I didn´t spare a minute to ask forit myself:)) Did you ask Claudine to do that? Or she noticed herself? I feel honored you like my blogs and recommend people to read them. Thank you!

Regards Otto

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Hello Otto,

I've edited the sticky myself by updating your latest blogs. I took the liberty of updating Claudine's thread, since I feel we are working towards a common goal - that of providing easy access to useful information. Your blogs for the absolute newbies, I feel, is pretty informative and help shape their future. And that exactly is the idea of this particular forum.

I feel Claudine would feel the same way and bring more of such blogs into focus.

Please keep more of such blogs coming


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Yes, we are working towards a common goal and it feels very nice.

I wonder if you could name any area which I should cover in the coming blogs for the beginners? Maybe you have deeper experience answering these questions than me. Or Claudine could add a topic or two?

cheers Otto

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I wonder if you could name any area which I should cover in the coming blogs for the beginners?

You could probably dwell on this frequently asked question - To get SAP Certified or not. The challenge however would be to write a country-generic blog, since an SAP certification may hold different value in different countries...


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I cannot dare to write about the certification since I don´t have a certificate myself and do not posses enough years of experience to have a big picture of the situation. This topic would be more suitable for people like Jon Reed or Claudine. I don´t want to pretend something... any more ideas?:)) Maybe I could write the blog in like three years from now, but not now...

cheers Otto

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HI Kishan,

Thanks for updating the thread. If you notice other career blogs that are a good fit, please add them as well. These blogs and the career white paper from Jon Reed are highly recommended to anyone using this forum. Cheers,


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> Maybe I could write the blog in like three years from now, but not now...

How about on the 19th of July 2014. It could be a birthday present for Debra and on time as long as we skip 2012 completely due to popular demand!

From some of my experiences with SAP newbies (particularly if they have lots of experience with other softwares) is that they can access the tables directly. They can even update single fields of them in current settings.

This takes some conceptual getting-used-to and is perhaps the advantage which SAP has over many other products, however once they discover the lovely ABAP debugger there is no looking back...

@ Debra: If you want to follow a career in SAP, please do yourself the favour of learning the authorization concepts. The software is highly flexible and mostly controlled via authorizations. This gives you freedom but also lots of locations to make easy mistakes.

There is nothing worse on a project than a funky who doesn't have a clue about security and authorizations! Even MS Project programmers cannot create more hassle in the wild!!

My 2 cents,


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Thank you Claudine. So far Ive included only Otto's blog because they are very rudimentary. They can be easily understood by any newbie and "hits the nail on the head". I will post more links of useful blogs as and when I tread past them.

@JB: Its DebraJ not Debra. Surprising, how a single alphabet can change Gender and Nationality


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Thanks for clarifying PK!

Indeed, [Debra|] and [Debraj|] are entirely different concepts...