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Career switch to SAP

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Hi Friends,

I'm new to SAP. I have 4+ years of experience in banking software development, configuration, testing and support. I want to know the opportunities available for me in SAP field. Please clarify below queries.

1) I'm interested to work in Tier-1 Banks(Functional/Technical). How SAP is used in Large banks. What are the positions available in banks for SAP freshers(I presume if i switch to SAP field, I will be considered as fresher).

2) What is the SAP course/module recommended for bank jobs.

3) When i googled, i found most of the MNC's recruiting experienced professionals in SAP. What are the job opportunities for SAP freshers with IT experience.

4) Nowadays technology field seems much volatile and things in it are getting outdated quickly. I'm open to learn new technologies, work hard at it and looking for a stable and long career. Will switching to SAP field make this possible.

5) Is it worth to switch to SAP field under tough circumstances(economic recession, higher unemployment rate) or i should continue in my current field and enter SAP when opportunities are plenty.




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Kindly FIX you for FI/CO for all type of banking's

Visit the following link to learn more about the contents of these curriculum areas:

The banking skills you have would make you an ideal candidate for completing any of the SAP for Banking training curriculum.  Access the link I've provided to learn more about foundation knowledge and curricula learning objectives.  Knowledge of the banking industry is key to maximize your potential.

Regarding FI/CO:  This is a different situation altogether. The FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Management Accounting) applications require you to have foundation Accounting experience.  In other words, you need to have completed several accounting courses in your post-secondary education in order to maximize your learning potential here. SAP train you how to use SAP FI/CO applications to process the Accounting business transactions that you should already be aware of.

So, in summary, although a Banking background would be complimentary to FI/CO, this doesn't mean that a person with Banking experience could pick up FI/CO without a problem.  It would depend on your level of direct experience with Financial or Management Accounting business processes.

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Forget about banking. First understand what is purpose of SAP software.

SAP is used to support ERP operations - from all angles - finance, sales, logistics, inventory, production planning, HR.

When you enter SAP, you may not be working only in banking sector - mostly you will face clients in manufacturing, construction, consumer goods, chemicals etc. where ERP is highly useful.

From your experience, you cannot be placed in any module except for ABAP / technical. Your software development background will be helpful. You can work on many clients but your expertise will have to come from programming or ABAP.

Typically, FICO hiring prerequisite is CA/BCom degree or MBA/MS Finance with 3 years experience minimum.