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Career Shift from SAP BASIS

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Hi All,

I have been working in SAP BASIS from past 4 Yrs including standard activities such as upgrades , troubleshooting performance issue ,technical administration etc. But, i am not able to cope up with the 24x7 shifts due to health concerns. Is there a career switch which is possible using BASIS as a foundation in SAP

Please suggest options available




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The Better Option is to shift to SAP HANA

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Hi Siva

How is this a better option? What type of work for HANA would you recommend? Do you mean Administration? If so, how would that be any different what he does now (just a different platform). Or do you mean development?

One of the key motivations given for career change is health related issues resulting in inablity to work 24/7 hour shifts.

It is great you are willing to give advise, but you would provide more value in qualifying your recommendation.



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Hi Harihara

I recall a similar question posted in Careers space 12+ months back. System Administration roles do generally get the raw end of working hours. You work the late nights to perform changes when they users are not on the system.

In terms of making your decision, these are some options you could consider:

  • Discuss with your employer to see if your workplace makes provisions for health reason and allow you to work business hours
  • Search for a job to where you work for a company who's users are in a different time zone to you. This means your day time is their night time (if you are in India this might not be an option for employment). You could then remain as an Administrator
  • Other Technical Support - is your employer large enough that you could move into dedicated activities like change and release management (transports) or technical support work that is not Basis Only. Some of this might feel like a step down.
  • Switch to a different technical roles. This is where you will need to think through your strengths and enjoyments. You could consider:
    • Technical Security - SSO, SAP IdM, System Configuration. Some of this is borderline back in System Admin but it may not mean late nights
    • Application Security - overlaps with technical but you could move into building roles, maintaining users, troubleshooting security incidents. Your administration knowledge might help you in build but you would need to start learning functional
    • Development - as part of Administration you might have applies OSS notes, etc and performed some data dictionary changes, investigated code, etc. If programming interests your, moving across to this could be beneficial. I won't go into specific areas but you do have a few options there