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Career in SAP for Mechanical Engineer.

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     I am a Mechanical Engineer and having 4 years experience in Auto CAD modeling and installation of baggage handling systems at airports.

Now I want to quit my site job and advancing my career in SAP field. Can you please suggest me which module/course of SAP will most suitable for me??

with regards



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Dear Varunesh,

There are various Modules in SAP comprising of both Functional and Technical.

Please go through the above link which will give you a proper information directly from SAP Community.

Hope this will solve your query.

Please Reward and close the thread if the information provided was useful.



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Thread moved to the space Career Center.

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thank you Vibin!!!



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Hi Varun,

There is another forum in SCN for discussion related to careers in SAP, its called Career Center.

Here is the link:

You open a discussion there, I believe experts from that forum can help you with your queries.



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Hi Varunesh,

I am glad to hear that you wanted to pursue your career in SAP however deciding the right module will depend on couple of factors here:

  • First: Education
  • Second: Experience (What kind of experience or exposure, the related activities or tasks) - Sometimes people are very good in having the business process knowledge instead of functional or technical and that helps quite a lot as the polish is required for the skill, tool and business proess mapping knowledge etc.
  • Third: Interest and inclination (along with not to leave attitude when difficult or challenge comes instead searching new ways or means to estabsish more)

You can look at it from the point of view of the industry as well like you are mechanical engineer so you can be fit for Automative industry and lot of automotive industry use SAP as their software of technology like GM, Tata etc.

Again we might think form the pov of aerospace or airlines industry where your knowledge might be useful.

Lot of people have very good sales career at their disposal irrespective of their academic or professional qualification and for them the best suit will be SD module.

So initially it would be to learn the basic skill by deciding the module of your choice like Material Management & Logistics, Sales & Distribution, Finance & Controlling,Production and Planning, Plant maintenence etc and then working for a year or two in SAP irrpective of any industry and then come to your core industry where you think you will be able to contribute as a knowledge apple not just for SAP but also for process and process integration etc.and thereby you will be industry expert for SAP.

However if that is not what you want and you want to grow as a SAP consultant irrespective of any industry then stick to SAP Consultant for the functional module your choose until you become architect or SME.

You can connect me in Linkedin in case you need any specific point guidance.

Thank you very much.

Thanks & Regards