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Career guidance required

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Hello experts,

I am a fresher in SAP. I have previous experience as a Manual Tester for 3 Yrs in the IT Industry doing "Black Box" testing, writing test cases, raising bugs, prioritizing them and assigning them to development team. But last year I received a pink slip when the industry was facing a recession along with many other teams and team-mates. I always wanted to shift to a different career more challenging rewarding and less prone to the recessions and down-times, and took this as the right opportunity. It was then that I started concentrating on SAP as an ERP and finding how I could fit into SAP. I saw that I had no domain expertise or experience and no commerce background (as I did Bachelor of Engineering and hail from a technical background) and do not fit into modules like SD,MM,FI,CO, etc. I thought ABAP was a best suit to me to start off as a technical guy in SAP.

Now please let me know if there is a better workaround than ABAP for me. If ABAP is the best-suited module,then how can I find a career without any experience in SAP-ABAP (though I have learnt ABAP on my own attending classes by seniors & experienced people).

All/any guidance for my ambiguity are welcome as this is a question of my career.

Awaiting responses.

Satya Prakash


Former Member
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Hi Satya,

As you have figured out, without domain knowledge, its very difficult to get into any functional modules.

With the background, you have, you can concentrate on ABAP. I can also suggest BI; since this is also technical in nature. You can get the understanding from different institutes. However, getting a job is always a challenge.

If you go to SAP's education partners, they will be able to help you with the placements, but their fees are too high.

This is a decision, you have to take. Getting a job after getting trained from small institutes will always be a challenge.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot Nilanjan.

I now need to tell something which I was unable to tell in my start discussion. I got a chance to learn and work in a Ferro-Alloy & Power plant as an unpaid trainee with the ref. of my uncle who is a GM there. SAP is running in that industry since 5 yrs (implemented by TCS) on MM, SD, FI, CO, Payroll, BI, WF and many other modules. They also have an experienced in-house ABAPer who is guiding me on different 'Z' programs of this company. Due to the grace of my uncle, all functional knowledge is also being imparted along with the technical stuff. He also assured me that I can work for 1 Yr and get real time experience. After 1yr, I'll be given experience certificates, good references and everything else needed to find a job except for salary proof as I wont be having any salary (I am being provided with food & accommodation). I want to know how the market would be for a 1 yr experienced guy with technical and functional knowledge. Also, I would not be having any salary statements or income proofs as I am being unpaid. So how I do I foresee my career future in terms of my 1 yr experience I would have and how do I plan to tackle against this income proof's hurdle? Can I say that I was a trainee without any pay and do not do any salary negotiations later on?

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Hi Satya,

Eventually, it will boil down to that level. Since you dont have salary certificates / employment certificate, you will be considered a fresher. But again, this is not a thumb rule, and there are always exceptions. But, its good that you will get an experience letter. That would be good. Rest is your luck. Cant say anything beyond this.

I guess, noone in this forum, will be able to give any kind of assurance regarding this.

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Thanks a lot for the replies Nilanjan. Will try working hard and get good experience this 1 year. After that, will look for  job without any sal or location constraints. Hope to get a break without any sal expectations and with the experience I am going to have.