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Career Development - SAP Fresher Path Advice

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My name is Hamid and i am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have a Bachelors in Information Technology Management which has a focus in Business Analysis and Languages such as SQL, Java and html. I have 5 years experience in the auto industry as an Sales Analyst that uses SAP but more of an end user.

I want to transition to a career in SAP which I hope to lead to a consultant position in the future when i gave further experience. The module that i have exposure to is the Sales and distribution model. I am also enrolling into a business analysis course, paid by my current occupation, from UofT continuing education. My next steps is to learn and specialize in SAP however I having trouble figuring out on how. My thinking is to become a business analyst and transition into a SAP consultant as I progress in my learning.

I am aware that there are certificates i can attain through SAP however I am unsure on what the introductory/entry certificate would be, plus what SAP institute or learning academy is best to proceed with in my career efforts. I am finding some here and there however I am unable to access their ratings or feedback in terms of what I will learn at the end of the program. Any direction would be much appreciated and please let me know if i left anything out.

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Hi - I recommend taking the free OpenSAP courses at S/4HANA is very popular, perhaps start there? There are also S/4HANA conversion Open SAP courses.

In terms of training and certification, in my view, nothing beats the SAP Learning Hub at - I know it costs money, but well worth the investment.

In terms of becoming a business analyst, I also recommend the PMI (Project Management Institute) courses on business analysis. See

Good luck

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Hi Hamid Naeme,

In addition to mentioned by Tammy, I would refer you to go through the below contents, which can help you in your decision as well,

See, if you want go in developing codes, you can try for SAP ABAP, even there are Java developers in SAP to support SAP Java systems. If you want something to be in Sales, then its either SAP CRM or can be SAP SD(Sales & Distribution). At the start its bit difficult which career path to choose, remember this that all SAP modules are good as SAP Products keeps pushing their ways into organisations, & each year the number only increases. So, also once you are in a SAP module, you would understand in which another module you want to prioritize, as you would be working along side other SAP module guys. Certifications does not guarantee jobs, whereas the cost of certification via SAP Authorised training centers are high & once you are in a organisation or SAP-Partner, you can apply for certification via them with less cost by only paying certification exam fees. Also there are attempts on certifications, so you might have a thought on how you approach or decide your next steps

Certification courses can be browsed via, There you can decide which course you want go for as per your criteria.

For starters, to familiarize with SAP products, I would recommend searching various blogs, as well as Youtube videos, also as mentioned by Tammy openSAP is a huge helpful free source. If you have more time, you can also try free tutorials in