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Career Advice for fresher.

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I have been reading the forum for past few days and there is a lot of useful information and helpful people especially Thomas Dulaney and wanted to get some expert opnion.

My dilemma is almost similar to the lot of other individuals who are trying to tap into SAP market.

So, I have recently graduated from university and I have been working in a bank as a java developer for last 6 months. Before joing the bank I had interest in SAP and took training on SAP BI/BW. Now there is an opportunity with in a bank for SAP FICO funcional analyst/Project manager for a recent graduate.

I am tempted to avail that opportunity, however I have developed interest in java development as well. My concerns are:

  1. SAP FICO is completely non technical which might be a complete career switch.
  2. Future prospects of SAP FICO consultant at places like Middle East (Thats where will end up eventually after 3 to 4 years) as compared to a developer. By future prospects I mean job market, career progression, transferable skills etc.

Any advice, opnion or experience is much appreciated.

Kind regards



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That's a tough one, Auzar.

  • You mention that the new opportunity is at a bank. Is it at the same bank for whom you currently work, i.e. is it a transfer and you have a pretty good chance of getting the job or are you applying along with everyone else on the outside?
  • You say that you would be working for the SAP FICO/Project Manager, not that you would be expected to BE the SAP FICO/Project Manager, right? Assisting the PM is very different from being the PM and that affects the advice I might give.

Some comments

  • On the one hand, if the job is a sure thing, you have a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". (That saying may be specific to North America, but it means that it is often better to go with what you alreay have than to risk losing what you have for an uncertain gain.)
  • You should be able to switch to java again and stay with the same company in most cases if you try the FICO and it isn't to your liking, but you'll have to assess  whether or not that is true in your specific case.
  • In the long run, you should do what interests you. Working solely for a paycheck quickly becomes a prison sentence. I know Doctor's who hate medicine but continue to do it because it pays well. They end up working as little as humanly possible to pay their bills and hate every minute they're at work. That's a miserable existance.
  • As forfuture prospects of FICO vs. developer. They're about the same. Almost every project implements FICO. Almost every project needs developers. Not every project needs JAVA devlopers though, so there are fewer opportuniteis if you're going to specialize strictly in JAVA, but there are also fewer applicants, so the proportion of applicants to availalbe jobs is probably roughly the same which translates into roughly the same chance to get a job in either field. Do what you love, though. In the long run that's the way to go.
  • In the short run, it can be helpful to get your foot in the door if it looks like they'll be amenable to you switching if you don't like FICO.
  • If the job is actually for Project Manager, don't do it. That's setting yourself up for failure at your stage of career, but I'm betting that it's an assistant to PM job and that's perfectly appopriate.

Not sure if that helps at all, but I hope it does!

Best regards,


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Hi Tom

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your prompt response and advice. Its very helpful. .

The job is with in the same bank I am working and it is confirmed, so the bird is in my hand. Also you are correct, it is assisting a senior SAP consultant, the role is designed for graduates who don't have experience, so i will be working along side bunch of other SAP professionals with different level of experiences.

And its not only about the pay check, the reason why I am more inclined towards SAP FICO is that I think I will learn more about the business in this role than as a developer role. I have always wanted to be in a role where I am involved in making decisions for the business rather than getting instructions, but I wasn't expecting it that early. Once I have taken the decision to join the team which is in 2 weeks from now, there is possibility of going back to JAVA after 6 months or staying in the same role but I want to make a right now.



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Sorry Tom for jumping in to this i could not resist, to have such an expericence person like you in the forum and i am not gaining from it,

Sir i am a fresher and have done my MBA in Finance from UK in 2011, i have got trained in SAP FICO from unauthorized institute in India, i want to give FI certification from UK after my practice, could you please suggest me the books which are real important to crack a SAP FI certification the reason being people are suggesting me bunch of books and to be honest those are like the fattest one i have ever seen, I have more two months of time to fly back to UK and give my certification.

Please advice me since i quit my job to do the certification.



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Never quit your current to write the Certification.

There is no guarantee that your SAP Certification can fetch you a job. There are thousands of people of people who are certified still struggling to get a job.

Please do not take any hasty decision.