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Can you point me in the right direction?

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Hi everyone,

I have been planning to shift my career into SAP and I need to some advice regarding the same.

I have around 4 years of experience in Sales and would like to understand how the career prospects would be and what module would be right for me, my assumption is and as people I consulted with mentioned that SD would be a right module.

Can anyone point me in the right direction since I have a lot of questions.

Thanks in advance.



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If you have worked 4 years in Sales, then most probably SD is the module for you.

SAP SD is a part of Logistics, you need to understand sales order, delivery document, billing document & its related setup etc. SD is nothing related to sales - you go to some customer and sell him a product or service.

Breaking in to SAP is difficult. Getting the first job is difficult and will take time (months). You need to plan financially.

Make the shift if you enjoy analysis and understanding of a mature and elaborate system. If you think of money, fame, high-speed might get disappointed.


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Hi Sundeep,

   Pretty of your interest in shifting your career into SAP, hopefully you can be successful if you adopt SAP SD Module as Mr.TW Typewritter said since you got a sound functional experience in Sales and interesting & Challenging career would be there if you decided to SAP SD.

  Same time, you got to consider the points what Mr.TW said, like if you thought fame, speedy life etc, would be disappointed,because there are plenty of guys running with the same attitude still hunting for a job same time, more successful professionals out there with slow & steady in SAP.

Kindly refer the discussions & do write me a mail on sap.justdo at gmail will suggest you better way to get it.kindly visit the lnks,